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Buzz words and synonyms

8 May

I’ve been too busy – editing copy – to blog for the past few days (and I think I’ve grown roots into my chair). I work a lot for technology companies, which is quite funny because I’m not at all technology oriented. While I don’t, of course, expect the prose of the CEOs, FDs, etc, of these companies to rival William Boyd or Martin Amis, it would good if they could at least learn to use the Thesaurus or, as they would probably say, “think outside the box” of their apparently limited vocabularies.

Each year new buzz words come into fashion and are used continuously. This year things are being  transitioned, rather than changed, moved or developed; and embedded, rather than implanted, placed or fixed. This is in addition to the old faithfuls of moving forward; key, instead of major, important, vital; and my all-time hate word, enhance, which originally meant to increase the clarity of an image and is now used as a synonym for improve, increase, augment – or anything similar.

I shouldn’t, of course, criticise. If all these people could write wonderful prose, they wouldn’t need to pay me to make it readable! But after five solid days, I needed to come up for air, and a moan. The next job has just arrived by email, so there will probably be another big gap in my blog.

Today’s picture

I was hoping to be able to include a picture of my Rosa Banksia something-or-other, but it’s only just coming into flower, very late this year. Instead, here is a beautiful tulip.Image