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More on the brilliant Robert Jay QC

14 May

The Leveson inquiry continues – and the Guardian‘s reports supply, me at least, with a great deal of fascinating reading. Robert Jay appears to have an excellent command of the English language. In a short piece in the Guardian one day last week, Maev Kennedy wrote: “The QC’s style has led Jay to be hailed as the star of the inquiry…Condign as in ‘errors must be corrected and in a condign [fitting] manner’ enchanted several followers, like Thursday’s propinquity (‘the state of being close to something’).”

It’s such a pleasure to read of someone using words that one has to think about (or, even, look up). English – the world’s richest language – becomes more impoverished each day because people don’t read enough and are lazy about finding synonyms rather than continually using the same words. The argument for imprecision – synonyms: sloppiness, inaccuracy – is always, “English is a living language and is constantly changing”. True, but accepting new words into the language doesn’t mean that we have to discard those that are already there and that are often more descriptive and precise.

Today’s picture

Two days of sunshine encouraged my Rosa Banksia Lutea to begin to flower. One plant – a present some years age from fellow blogger northoneartist – has spread along one side of my garden. The photograph I took on Saturday has the added interest of a bug!