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It’s very nice to go travelling…

15 Feb

…but oh so much nicer to be home (as the song says). Home after a few very cold days in Milan: there was a lot of snow, then rain and, finally a beautiful sunny day, but still a great deal of unmelted snow around.

The main purpose of the trip was to see two Verdi operas at La Scala – Falstaff and Nabucco. The production of Nabucco was excellent, and I shall see the opera again when I can. I had seen Falstaff  before, and shan’t bother with that again. The days were taken up visiting museums and churches (sometimes the same thing), including the one that houses Leonardo’s The Last Supper.

I visited more churches in three days than in my entire life, and I don’t think I’ll ever need to see another depiction of the Virgin and Child, or another Pieta. Interestingly, of all the paintings we saw, there was only one that depicted an Old Testament scene: Noah’s Ark. Considering that the artist was unlikely to have seen elephants, giraffes, etc, they were remarkably well done, even if totally out of scale.

Today’s picture

These lovely snowmen were near the Duomo.