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“To” too often

13 Jan

There’s been something of a hiatus in my blogs – Christmas, New Year and the ‘flu – but now I’m back.

It’s becoming very common – even on the BBC – to hear someone say that one thing is “different to” (even worse, US English tends to use “different than”) another or is being “compared to” something. No, one thing may be “similar to” another, but it is “different from”, and is compared with another. So:
Compare this house with the one across the street”;
“This house is similar to mine”;
“The house across the street is different from mine”.

Today’s picture
At the beginning of December, I went to Andalucia: Malaga, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada. In Sevilla, we stayed out of the tourist-oriented centre and saw a great deal of evidence of the financial crash. Grafitti everywhere, mostly on the lines of, “No light, no water, no medicine”.  This building says a little more (roughly translated): “Article 47. All Spaniards have the right to enjoy decent and appropriate housing, Yeah, yeah, yeah.”