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Bored with “bored of”

10 Jul

A double-page ad (for Volvo) in today’s newspaper asks, “Bored of German techno?” Actually no, I’m not, but I am exceedingly bored with “bored of”. You can be “tired of” something, but you can’t be “bored of” it, only bored with it.

How do we expect children to learn decent grammar when they’re bombarded with illiterate advertising headlines?

While I’m at it, I’ll include “should of”. This, of course, comes from mishearing “should’ve” (should have) – more understandable than “bored of”, but equally grating.

Today’s picture

I’ve recently discovered the Culpeper Community Garden in Islington, London. This was taken on a rather dull day – before the sun decided to come out in England – but it’s still possible to see how beautiful it is.