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Lonely men

13 Oct

I’m not sure if I was amused, or bemused, to see a long piece in The Guardian (13 October) headlined “1.5 million men over 50 will suffer severe loneliness by 2030”.

A government report is calling for government action to prevent the “worsening of a largely hidden crisis [which] is worse for men than women”. (One interviewee actually said, “For women there is more to do with things like knitting groups…”!) “Nearly one in five older men,” the piece states, “admitted to having less than monthly contact with friends compared to one in eight for women.”

Interesting, I think, that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitted that “society has ‘utterly failed’ to address the problem. He described ‘a forgotten million who live among us to our national shame’.” Ignoring Hunt’s inability to put a coherent sentence together, society has also “utterly failed” to deal with the much longer-term problem of women who live alone.

Women may, indeed, be better at coping with living alone, but that may be because, as a group, we’ve had a lot more practice.

Today’s picture
A recent holiday in Mallorca where the weather was, unusually, rather stormy. This is one of the many lighthouses round the island.