In, on and at

26 Nov

I have realised that the majority of my blogs are prompted by badly written signs – and here’s another one.

The latest sign that irritated me stated, “Smoking is forbidden in these premises”. No, that should be “…on these premises”, or “…in this building”. Why? It’s hard to say; I think it’s one of those bits of English that “just is”!

You travel on a bus, on a train, on an airplane, on a boat – even though you are travelling in them – but in a car. Alternatively, you are going by bus/train/air/car/boat.

To add to the complications, when you arrive, you will be in a country, but at a place although it is rare, nowadays, for someone to say that they are at London in the UK, rather than in London in the UK.

Today’s picture

I loved this sign at a construction site in New York.



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