I and me

15 Oct

On 30 March, I blogged about me/myself and you/yourself. This is a continuation, or extension, of that.

I received an email the other day asking me if I’d like to meet “my daughter and I” for coffee. I couldn’t, unfortunately, but that wasn’t because the email should have read “my daughter and me”. (I am extremely fond of the sender, and her daughter!)

Using “I” instead of “me” is a common mistake caused, I imagine, by trying not to be ungrammatical. While you wouldn’t write, “My daughter and me accept your invitation”, after the event, you should write, “Thank you for inviting my daughter and me”. When in doubt, think the sentence through – my daughter accepts your invitation, I accept your invitation, thank you for inviting my daughter, thank you for inviting me – and you’ll always get it right.

Today’s picture

I have no idea what this tree is (photographed in Mallorca a couple of weeks ago), but it seems to have blossom and fruit on it at the same time.





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