“I” and “me”

11 Apr

It drives me nuts to hear people say, for example, “Me and my brother” instead of “My brother and I” – which soap is responsible for that? – and there’s a great deal of confusion over “you and I” and “you and me”. Now the confusion has spread to Starbucks ads: the headline is “10 seconds isn’t much to you and I, but it’s a matter of life or death to a latte”.

I guess I should be pleased that they’ve used it’s and not its, but it should be “10 seconds isn’t much to you and me…” (it isn’t much to you, it isn’t much to me). It would only be “you and I” if the headline were “You and I think 10 seconds…” (you think 10 seconds, I think 10 seconds). How can we expect kids to get it right when highly paid ad agency copywriters can’t?

Today’s picture

Someone took the trouble to make this simple sign (in New York) a bit more interesting by customising the “O” in pigeons.Image


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