More “moving forward”

5 Apr

Ex children’s laureate Michael Rosen writes a letter in The Guardian‘s education supplement each month. This month’s was addressed to Michael Gove and was primarily about taking over a school in Haringey despite the council, head, staff and governors being opposed to it. He wrote, “All I can think is that you taking over all these schools is going to make you one seriously busy bloke. And it’s not as if you haven’t got anything else to do. Sitting on your desk is the Ofsted report on improving English, imaginatively entitled Moving English Forward. How delightful to see people charged with the study of English adopting that phrase of the moment ‘moving forward’…I’ve tried conjuring up the exact sense of the metaphor of ‘moving English’, and, I’ll admit, I’m struggling.” [my italics] I agree, Michael.

Today’s picture


Since it’s Passover or Easter (whichever takes your fancy and, unusually, they’re on exactly the same weekend this year) here is a lovely Spring flower.Image


One Response to “More “moving forward””

  1. Pete April 11, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    Moving English forward: Wayne Rooney when he isn’t standing still.

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