Nouns and verbs

23 Mar

One of the (many) things that irritates me is nouns used as verbs. In The Daily Telegraph this morning (and you may ask what on earth I was doing reading the Telegraph – the answer is that I was in a consultant’s waiting room and there was nothing else), there was a piece about postal deliveries: “TNT Post…is to trial delivering on the streets of West London…”. “Trial” is a noun, chaps, there is no verb “to trial”. The journalist could have written “TNT Post…is going to run/conduct a trial…”, or something similar. Also, although “impact” is a transitive verb as well as a noun, I hate that, too, used as a verb: “The cuts will impact poor families the most”, for example. “The cuts will affect poor…” or “will have the biggest impact on…” sounds, and reads, so much better.

Today’s picture

Do you often wonder why it seems to be beyond the wit of foreign manufacturers to find an English-speaking person to write English-language instructions? As you will see from the picture, it doesn’t stop there. This sign was at the Three Gorges Dam, China.Image


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