Today’s gobbledygook

20 Mar

This is an extract from a piece that was clearly written straight from a press release (as they often are).  It’s worrying that information coming from universities was written in such gobbledygook:

“Warwick University and Queen Mary, University of London, are to ‘share teams that work on increasing the diversity of their student populations, and will work together on their outreach activities in schools’.”

What does “diversity” mean in this context? Why “student populations” and not “students”? And why “outreach activities” and not simply activities? 

Today’s picture

Yesterday morning was so lovely that I decided to go for a (long) walk and photograph some pieces of lettering that I have kept vowing to photograph before someone comes and takes them down, paints over them or knocks the building down.


This shop, off Chapel Street market in Islington, is now a junk shop but, like the market, is closed on Mondays. Among other things, it sells a bizarre collection of clothes, including motheaten fur coats, which may be why the owner has taken the trouble to preserve the Costumier and Furrier signs!


One Response to “Today’s gobbledygook”

  1. northoneartist March 20, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    The Proprietress sometimes wears the moth eaten fur when it isn’t hanging up and various other bits of clothing that also hang outside. Never dared to go in!

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