“Just My Type”

18 Mar

I have recently finished reading Just My Type by Simon Garfield. It’s interesting – not just for type geeks – and an easy read. My favourite chapter is about ampersands (&). I learnt three (to some people) useless pieces of information in one short paragraph:

1  the ampersand is actually two letters combined – the e and the t of the Latin ‘et’;

2  the word ampersand is a conflation of ‘et, per se and’, it is the result of scribes working fast; and

3  the ampersand’s first use is usually credited to a shorthand writing method proposed by Marcus Tiro  

    in 63 BC.

Today’s rant: “not fit for purpose”.

Have you noticed how often this horrible phrase is trotted out? Why use four words when one – suitable, or appropriate – would usually do and would, indeed, be more suitable or appropriate?

Today’s picture

Nothing much has been done, or built, in Havana, Cuba, in the past 50 years (since the Russians went home). As a result, some beautiful bits of lettering have, just about, survived.Image



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