My first post

14 Mar

I am interested in words: their use, and misuse, the way they are spelled and the way they look. I am also interested in the use, and misuse, of language, which should be clear and to the point. My blogs, then, are likely to be “rants” about euphemisms, obfuscation, etc. For example, as Simon Hoggart commented in today’s Guardian, “When did forward become a synonym for future?” This was in reference to Defence Secretary Philip Hammond saying “I am not aware of the foreign secretary’s forward travel plans”. So many people (and politicians are some of the worst culprits) seem unable to say “in the future” now, it’s always “going forward”.

My first picture – shot in New York in 2009 – follows. Image


One Response to “My first post”

  1. northoneartist March 14, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    Terrific! New things opening up!

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